Speed up your website by making use of a Semi-dedicated Servers In The US.

If you find out that your cloud hosting account is not an adequate solution for personal or business web presence, however a dedicated server costs too much and too complex to take care of, then you can make the most of our US semi–dedicated servers.

A semi-dedicated hosting plan works as a one–of–a–kind combination from a shared hosting account and a dedicated web hosting plan providing the the best of the two platforms. It offers the strength of a dedicated server (minus the typical server administration tasks), through an easy–to–use Web Hosting Control Panel , which is included with all of our cloud hosting plans the moment you sign up.

And because of their individuality, our semi–dedicated servers can be found only in our data center in the USA. It became the original data center in which we’ve been able to set up our custom–made cloud hosting platform and it provides unmatched power and cooling possibilities. We also have built a customized internal network using enterprise–class Juniper routers and switches. This is the way we can easily ensure a 99.9% network uptime with all of our Semi-dedicated Servers In The US

One of the many advantages of our USA–based semi–dedicated servers certainly is the Blue Bus Web Host Web Hosting Control Panel. It is bundled cost–free with all our semi–dedicated servers and has been meant to be running in the cloud. Doing this we free your server from the need to power the Control Panel and your websites simultaneously. You can use the whole server power only for your sites. In addition, the Web Hosting Control Panel is full of free tools and extra features , which can enhance your site.

Other US Hosting Services

Our data center in the USA offers plenty of web hosting choice for all users based on the websites and the web applications they wish to run. We supply Shared Hosting In The US for anybody who is willing to launch a personal blog, portfolio or perhaps an e–commerce store. Our cloud hosting packages come with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee plus a free domain name. If you want to start a development environment or you call for extra quotas for your online presence, then you should select our VPS Hosting Plans In The US. Our Virtual Private Servers come with a number of Control Panels and include amazingly efficient SSD drives. Whenever you need a brand new location for a really popular website or a very CPU–intensive application, you can choose each of our Dedicated Web Hosting Plans In The US. They feature dependable hardware elements and offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.